Well insured without surprises

Insurance that meets the expectations
of even the most demanding

If you are going to live and work in a different country,
you may already know that you need to have specific
kinds of insurance coverage. However, do you know:
  • Which insurance is needed in the Netherlands?
  • How to choose the correct insurance in the
    Dutch language?
  • How to ensure that everything is arranged in time?

DockHolland Verzekeringen is always prepared to
answer all your insurance questions.

dockholland verzekeringen DockHolland Verzekeringen

We are a specialised insurance company that:
  • Knows exactly which insurance you need in the Netherlands.
  • Is fluent in your language, and able to give you clear insight.
  • Is able to arrange your insurance on time because of our
    specialist knowledge and native speakers.

With DockHolland Verzekeringen on your side, you can have faith in our bold approach,
our extra attention to your personal situation and our competitive prices. Like to know more?
Contact DockHolland Verzekeringen today.

At DockHolland Verzekeringen, we do our best to help you become familiar with insurance.
In a short time you will come to understand:
  • What is required and why.
  • What you can expect from your insurance policy.
  • What you need to consider.

We understand that personal situations differ. That is why we review each person to see
what is needed in the areas of:
  • Health insurance.
  • Home insurance.
  • Vehicle insurance.

It is asking a lot to have you dive into thick stacks of insurance policies, especially when those policies are all in a foreign language. And then you still have to get used to working and living in a foreign country. DockHolland Verzekeringen is there to advise and guide you through the insurance maze. From clearly informing you about how to close a specific kind of insurance policy to carefully steering you through a claims settlement.

DockHolland sturdy as a house. Your house.

It is soothing to know that all your insurances are completely and properly arranged. That there is a permanent place you can go to have your questions answered in your own language. In this way, you feel at home faster in the Netherlands. Like to know more? Contact DockHolland Verzekeringen today.